Skeyndor facials at Saks

Being the self-confessed beauty addict that I am I was never going to be able to resist the lure of a beauty salon who offer the first treatment to new customers half price, for long! I also genuinely believe in the importance of taking time out for yourself, amidst the busy world we live in, once in a while. Combine this with the fact I walk past this gorgeous salon on my way to work, and our paths were always going to meet!
Saks Beauty is conveniently located at the bottom of Park Street in the City Centre and I popped in one lunchtime, prior to my first appointment, to have a chat with Becky, who is the Bristol Salon Manager. I knew from the first moment we met that she was as much of a skin care obsessive  as me and totally understood and listened to what I was looking for in terms of facial treatments for my skin.
Whole salon CROPPED
What really interested me about Saks is that they offer facials by Skeyndor, who are a Spanish based cosmetics company, that target specific skincare ingredients into powerful facials that really deliver on the results front. After discussion with Becky I decided to try their Power H facial which focusses on the key ingredient of hyaluronic acid (HA), whose main objective is capturing and maintaining moisture in the skin. In turn this will then help to give skin the plumpness and glow that I strive for from my everyday products. Whilst I do use products in my every day routine that contain HA the benefit of the Skeyndor facials is that the ingredients can be pushed further into the skin using their patented machine, giving longer lasting results.
The salon itself has recently undergone a bit of a makeover and has a relaxing but stylish vibe to it with a friendly welcome when you step inside. The treatment rooms have the same relaxed feel to them which make you feel instantly at ease. Whoever chose the furniture and accessories really needs to come and redesign our living room!


The appeal of the Skeyndor facials that Saks offer is that they deliver instant results due to the high concentration of powerful ingredients they contain. However this does not mean you lose any of the ‘treatment’ elements of a traditional facial and I can honestly say it was one of the most relaxing hours of my life in a long time! Becky starts off by cleansing your face and applying a glycolic acid mask which is left  on whilst giving a dreamy head massage. If you are new or nervous when it comes to acids the strength can be tailored to particular needs, or this step missed altogether if your skin can’t tolerate glycolic. I personally love the tingle that acids give as I know they are actually doing something! Next the active ingredient of the facial is applied to the skin (hyaluronic acid in this case) and then massaged into the skin using the Skeyndor  machine which uses electric pulses to penetrate the ingredients deeper into the skin. Next a moisturising mask is applied to the whole face and you are treated to the most amazing back and shoulder massage, I honestly could have lain there all afternoon. The facial finishes by cleansing the skin again and an SPF applied, as all skin is more susceptible to sun damage after any form of exfoliation.


Waiting area

You are encouraged to take your time once the facial has finished before entering the real world again, and the soft dim lighting and relaxing music definitely made it more than a little bit difficult to peel myself off the treatment bed! The Power H definitely delivered on my request for fuller, plumper and more glowy skin and the effects lasted several days with no adverse reactions. In short my skin loved it!
I’ve already rebooked to go back to try their Power Retinol facial and plan to work my way through the facial treatment menu as ‘wedding skin preparation’ (that’s justified right?!). If you fancy trying one of the Skeyndor facials or something else from the Saks beauty menu then all new customers to the salon currently get their first treatment half price! And if you head over to my Instagram page abrunetteedit I am currently running a competition with Saks to win either a complimentary manicure, pedicure or back massage. So there’s no excuse not to take some time out for you!

Jess X

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