An ode to Saltwater sandals..

There are certain items in my wardrobe that get pulled out year after year and my love for them never wains – my Saltwater sandals are one such item. Before writing this post I went back through my emails (the benefit of never deleting anything!) to find out when I’d actually ordered them. Turns out I’ve had the same pair now for 3 summers and they are still going strong! Cost per wear these sandals have really earnt their keep and the quality is phenomenal.
I’d eyed up several of my friends wearing them before making a purchase myself, after they had sworn that they were the comfiest sandals they had ever owned. Buying into the hype I purchased a pair of the tan classic style sandals and was instantly converted!

A bit of history…..Saltwater sandals originated in the early 1940s as an alternative to traditional children’s leather sandals as a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II. They resolved this shortage by making children’s sandals out of scrap leather from leather boot-making factories and the Saltwater sandal was born.

One aspect of the shoe that appealed to me was that they could be worn in water. In fact you encouraged when you first get them to soak your feet in water whilst wearing them to enable the sandal to mould to the shape of your foot – sounds weird but it works! Given the amount of time we spend at the beach in Devon in the summer they are the perfect day time shoe for running in and out of sea, chasing waves and exploring rock pools. The other thing which appealed was that you can stick them in the washing machine on a cold cycle and they come out sparkling and shiny! (The metal hardware is rustproof). For the last two summers I’ve done this, alongside debating whether I needed a new pair, and each time they’ve been transformed to their former glory and lived to see another summer.
In terms of comfort they are a very flat sandal however I can easily spend the day chasing after a 5 and 6 year old and encounter no discomfort or rubbing. I’m not sure what magic is woven into the design but they really do live up to the hype. Their classic interlinking leather was soft from day one and, whilst has worn naturally over the years, shows no sign of breaking or coming apart at the seams anytime soon.

These really are my summer staple sandals! They also make them in the same style for children and again are a really practical option for days when they are paddling in the sea or splashing in a paddling pool. I haven’t invested yet as my daughter’s feet seem to grow at a rate of knots but I think next year we may well have mummy and daughter matching salties!


I adore the tan colourway however over the past few years Saltwater have brought out new colours including vibrant pink, yellow and red ones. The pair I really have my eyes on though are in rose gold and I can think of no better excuse than a honeymoon on the horizon to finally invest in my second pair!

Jess X

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