Flawless cleansing…..

I’m not a morning person. Mr B can testify to that….. Leaving the house always happens in a mad rush of ‘has anyone seen my glasses?’ and ‘where’s my phone?’. Now we are in September squeezing in the school run means time is at a premium and I’ve started leaving my long, and at times, convoluted skin care regimes for the evenings and using a much more paired down selection of products in the morning which do the job, but can be done with my eyes closed (sometimes literally!).

If I only had time to use one item of skincare it would be a cleanser as I truly believe that cleansing your skin is the most important step of a skin care regime and can make the biggest transformation to the condition of your skin. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gone to bed and NOT cleansed my face in the past few years – and I’ve always regretted it the next day as my skin does not thank me for it. (The cocktails were usually worth it however!). The skincare industry has jumped on the cleansing bandwagon in the past few years and saturated the market with cleansers in all shapes and sizes; balms, gels, oils to mention a few. Whilst it’s great to have choice it can be overwhelming at times to know which is best for your skin. This is where Dr Sam, a London based dermatologist, has found her niche and launched a jelly type cleanser billed as an ‘uncomplicated, effective and elegant cleanser which does exactly what a cleanser should do’.


The product does not make extraordinary claims about transforming your skin overnight or eradicating pores in a day. What it does state however is that it will ‘thoroughly remove make up, sunscreen, oil and grime whilst respecting the skin’s natural barrier’. The ingredients list is paired down and has not been confused with additional ingredients such as chemical exfoliants or artificial fragrances, which can often rule out a cleanser for those with sensitive skin. In short, this is a cleanser for all skin types, but in particular acne-prone and sensitive skin types will find this nourishing and soothing.

I’ve found this works best for me as a morning cleanser which I use in the shower, massaging one pump into damp skin, leaving my skin soft but not stripped and ready for serum and moisturiser on top. With the onset of central heating and colder temperatures I always look to switch up my morning cleanser at this time of year to something which is going to offer a little more comfort and  IMG_0310nourishment to my skin, and this offers exactly that. Its chic and simple packaging looks elegant in the bathroom and whilst it’s not sold as a unisex product I can’t see any reason why men who take an interest in their skin would not get on with this as well.  One caveat – I personally have not found it as effective as a PM cleanser as I like to use a balm or oil which can take off waterproof mascara as well as my make up in one go, and this was not quite up to the job. However as a second cleanse in the evening it would be perfect and if you wear minimal make up then two pumps in the evening, massaged into the skin for a minute, will leave skin spotless.
At £16 for 200 ml Dr Sam has also produced a high quality premium product at a realistic price point, particularly given that one pump in the morning is all that is needed, it will last several months. It is testament to its popularity that the first launch sold out in weeks with glowing reviews from skincare gurus such as Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons.
This is Dr Sam’s first product launch however eagle eye readers of her website may have noticed hints of further products containing more active ingredients and I for one can’t wait to see what is launched next! I highly recommend heading over to Dr Sam’s blog and website for some straight talking, no nonsense skin care and beauty advice, and do let me know below if you try this cleanser out and what your thoughts were.

Jess X

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(Product was purchased by myself and this is not a sponsored post)




One thought on “Flawless cleansing…..

  1. I’ve not used this cleanser yet but heard such good things about it. I’m impressed by the price too, she could have easily bumped it up and people would have paid it! I think when I’m next in the market for an AM cleanse I’m going to have to look into this one

    Cordelia || cordeliamoor.com


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