Spring skincare shake up….

If there’s one piece of skincare advice I’ll be passing onto our girls as they get older it will be to wear SPF….. I’m as guilty as the next person for not adhering to this enough when I was younger and am definitely seeing the repercussions now in terms of pigmentation and uneven skin tone. When the new Prisma Protect SPF from Dermologica* landed on the doorstep last week it prompted me to think about my spring skincare now that the days are getting lighter and the sun is (hopefully) making a bit more of an appearance. And with our honeymoon just around the corner I’m conscious of not undoing all the wedding skin prep I’ve been doing just to catch a few rays.

With this in mind I had a root through my skincare stash and pulled out a few favourites that get brought back into rotation around this time of year. I rarely switch up my morning cleanser as this is a ‘in-shower’ job that Soap and Glory’s Peaches and Clean has held for several years now. It’s functional, contains a small amount of chemical exfoliation in the form of fruit acids to wake the skin up and doesn’t cost the earth. I refuse to use a luxury product in the morning when I just don’t have time to appreciate it!

The evening is a different story however……..cleansers are my guilty pleasure when it comes to skincare and one of my all time favourites that works particularly well as the weather warms up is the cult classic Eve Lom balm cleanser. This product divides 633af319-a3ad-43e9-84c2-71074e2b320f.jpgopinion due to the slightly medicinal smell (which I love) attributed to the clove, eucalyptus and chamomile ingredients. Having combination skin, which is prone to break outs in the warmer weather, this is perfect for getting a really deep cleanse without drying and leaving the skin balanced and toned. Top tip – Space NK sell mini travel size versions of this which mean you can try it without shelling out for the full size.

Another long term favourite is Oskia’s Renaissance cleansing gel (also available in travel size from Space NK to test out) which again makes a reappearance in the warmer weather due to the lighter balm texture which works well when I don’t have heavy foundation or make up on. This is another product which should only be used when you have enough time to appreciate the Turkish delight rose scented balm – massaged in it leaves skin glowing and bright due to the fruit acid exfoliation – this is one of those products which really does leave your skin feeling like its had an at home spa facial.

I’m a huge advocate of using oils in my skincare dispute having combination skin. They really help to balance and even out my oily prone skin and are my most reached for product as a last step in the evening before bed. At the start of the year I treated myself to an oil/retinol hybrid as part of my wedding skin care prep and it has fast become a IMG_8885staple in my skin care routine. Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping oil isn’t, on first appearances, the lightest of oils and I was worried that with my skin type I’d wake up with a face like a basted Christmas turkey or a blue Smurf (due to the its deep blue colour!). Luckily neither of the above happened and this is a little bottle of skin care magic that, when applied last thing at night, has an amazing ability to calm spots, reduce redness and rebalance skin (with the added bonus of the wonder ingredient Retinol working away on fine lines). Yes it’s eye wateringly expensive but you only use a few drops, so cost per use I’ve been able to do some complicated skin care justification maths in my head!

And last but not least there’s SPF’s. Having well and truly hit mid 30’s I’m well aware that protecting my skin from sun damage is probably the most effective tool to preventing signs of premature ageing. As a rule I generally only use moisturisers which have an SPF of 30 or more and ramp this up to a factor 50 in the height of summer. My front runner IMG_4518for the past year has been Origins Ginzing tinted moisturers which, along with SPF 40, also adds a hint of colour, meaning that I don’t need any additional foundation on top in the summer. I’ve talked about my love of this product here.

New to my SPF skincare stash is the aforementioned Dermalogica’s Prisma Protect SPF 30 which, not only offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, but also contacts light activated smart ingredients which increase your skin’s glow from within. And we all know I like a bit of glow! So far it has passed the ‘bobble test’ in terms of sitting well under make up and is hydrating but light enough for warmer weather. Even though it’s early days it has definitely earnt a place in my honeymoon skincare line up!

Jess X

*Prisma Protect was very kindly gifted to me by Dermalogica with no obligation to share or review on social media.



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